Sutton House Building, 415 East 52nd Street, New York, NY, 10022, NYC NYC Condos

About Sutton House

Sutton House residents are sometimes unaware of the history that surrounds them, or the wide range of activities and resources that can be found in the area. The landscape of our neighborhood has been altered repeatedly throughout the last few centuries and continues today as a work in progress. The present Sutton House resident generation occupies the same space and territory as the earliest settlers of this island we call Manhattan on this river's shore. Often, during the 18th, 19th and 20th century exceptional people, intent on a new lifestyle within this community, have rejected tradition and caused changes in history that began right here or close to where the Sutton House now sits on East 52nd Street.

The Sutton House sits on the north-east corner of the area in New York City known as Turtle Bay, a neighborhood that runs from 53rd Street south to 42nd Street, and from Third Avenue east to the river. With a history dating back to the early settlers; a mysterious but charming name; prominent residents such as Walter Cronkite, Kurt Vonnegut, Dorothy Thompson, Katherine Hepburn, and Steven Sondheim who have called this neighborhood home; and points of interest such as the United Nations within its boundaries, Turtle Bay is truly one of New York City's historic sites.

Today, Sutton House offers residents beautiful homes paired with a wide range of modern amenities including a parking garage, children's playroom, large fitness center, a bicycle storage room, ZipCar auto rentals, and updated laundry facilities.

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